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LF Sectional Catalog Am History 022820
American History

Liberty Fund is proud to offer a rich collection of classic works in American history that illuminate the guiding principles of America’s founding era to scholars and students alike.

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LF Sectional Catalog Economics 022820

Our economics titles explore how economic reasoning applies to political science and other social sciences, and its relevance as moral philosophy. Highlights include works by Nobel laureate James M. Buchanan, as well as classic texts from Bastiat, Hayek, von Mises, Kirzner, Mill, and Tullock.

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history book catalog

Our history collection opens windows into history, and into the history of writing about history. Whether it’s Hume’s History of England or Burke’s Reflections on the French Revolution, our books encourage readers to reflect on the events of history and the ways we discuss those events over time.

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LF Sectional Catalog Law 022820

Constitutionalism, common law, and the principles of law in a free society are just a few of the ideas that make up this collection. These titles serve as a rich resource for the scholar, legal historian, and anyone interested in the origin and nature of the often elusive idea of liberty.

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LF Sectional Catalog Nat Law 022820
Natural Law & Enlightenment Classics

Spanning the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, this series includes over 40 volumes of the Enlightenment’s most significant works on natural law, moral philosophy, political theory, jurisprudence, and theology.

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LF Sectional Catalog Pol Thought 021920
Political Thought

Our collection of important classic works in the history of political thought help shape the ideas of liberty in today’s society, including essential works by Hume, Locke, and de Tocqueville, as well as twentieth-century perspectives from writers like Oakeshott and de Jouvenel.

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Liberty Fund has enlarged the civic and intellectual boundaries of my world. Through its conferences, Liberty Fund exposed me to classic works in political thought, law, and economics that I had always wanted to read but that my training in English literature did not include. Liberty Fund enabled me to discuss these works with others from a variety of fields, and therefore to understand them from many different perspectives.

Martine Brownley

Goodrich C. White Professor of English at Emory University

Martine Brownley (1)