Liberty Fund's books on education explore ideas that go beyond the classroom and consider the way an understanding of education affects the human condition, while placing an emphasis on the advancement of society.

  • Education and the Industrial Revolution

    by E. G. West

    In Education and the Industrial Revolution, West writes about an Educational Revolution during the Industrial Revolution. This book adds important historical context to E. G. West’s better-known Education and the State. Taken together, the two books make a very strong case not only for the separation of state and education, but also the robustness of the market in providing educational…

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  • Education and the State

    by E. G. West

    Education and the State first appeared in 1965 and was immediately hailed as one of the century’s most important works on education. In the thirty years that followed, the questions this book raised concerning state-run education have grown immeasurably in urgency and intensity. Education and the State re-examines the role of government in education and challenges the fundamental statist assumption…

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  • Education in a Free Society

    by Anne Husted Burleigh

    A position paper by Benjamin A. Rogge and Pierre F. Goodrich leads off this fine collection advocating an educational system based strictly on private and voluntary institutions. Anne Husted Burleigh is a writer and a contributing editor for Crisis.

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  • Teacher in America

    by Jacques Barzun

    With his customary wit and grace, Dr. Barzun contrasts the ritual of education with the lost art of teaching. Twenty-one chapters deal with three major issues: the practice of teaching, the subject matter to be taught, and the institutional and cultural aspects of teaching. Jacques Barzun is a renowned scholar, teacher, and author who lectures widely since his retirement in…

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