Political Economy, Concisely
Essays on Policy That Does Not Work and Markets That Do

By Anthony de Jasay
Edited and with an Introduction by Hartmut Kliemt


Written for the general reader and specialist alike, the essays collected here articulate a convincing classical liberal view of the world, with a no-nonsense approach to modern economic theory. Many of the articles are collected here for the first time in book form. Jasay’s aim is to clarify basic concepts in the realm of political and economic philosophy, such as property, equality and distributive justice, public goods, unemployment, opportunity costs, and welfare.

Anthony de Jasay is an independent theorist living in France.

Hartmut Kliemt is Professor of Philosophy and Economics at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.


Jan 2010 | 6 x 9 | 360 Pages

Introduction, index.


978-0-86597-777-8 Hardcover
978-0-86597-778-5 Paperback