Summer 2023 Bundle

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Enlighten your summer with Liberty Fund's sunlit classics.

What’s summer without a stack of reading material? Whether you’re spending time by the pool or at the beach, Liberty Fund wants you to have just the right book list—our hand-picked reading list explores themes like seafaring, beekeeping, leisure, and romantic island adventure.

5 books for 50% off list price

Hardcover $43.50

Embark on a literary journey this summer with Liberty Fund’s captivating summer reading list! Travel the ocean with Grotius’s Law of Prize and Booty; enjoy the buzzing of the bees in your garden with Mandeville’s Fable of the Bees, and get shipwrecked on Neville’s Isle of Pines. Tocqueville’s Voyages can come along on all your summer travels, and Leisure: the Basis of Culture is a perfect reminder to slow down this summer. This curated collection combines classic. Enlightenment literature with enticing summer themes for an enriching reading experience you won’t want to miss.

Books included in the bundle:
Tocqueville’s Voyages Edited and with an Introduction by Christine Dunn Henderson
The Isle of Pines and Plato Redivivus By Henry Neville
Edited and with an Introduction by David Womersley
The Fable of the Bees By Bernard Mandeville
With a Commentary by F. B. Kaye
In Two Volumes
Commentary on the Law of Prize and Booty By Hugo Grotius
Edited and with an Introduction by Martine Julia van Ittersum
Leisure the Basis of Culture By Josef Pieper
Translated by Alexander Dru
Introduction by T. S. Eliot