Michael Silverthorne

Silverthorne, Michael

  • Education for Life

    by George Turnbull

    George Turnbull belongs with a group of early Scottish Enlightenment thinkers, including Francis Hutcheson, who found their native Calvinism too repressive. They sought to relocate religion within a context of reason and science and to establish a tolerant and humane ethic upon values rooted in classical ideals. In a distinctive voice, Turnbull presented natural-law theory “scientifically,” harnessed the arts to…

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  • Logic, Metaphysics, and the Natural Sociability of Mankind

    by Francis Hutcheson

    Until the publication of this Liberty Fund edition, all but one of the works contained in Logic, Metaphysics, and the Natural Sociability of Mankind were available only in Latin. This milestone English translation will provide a general audience with insight into Hutcheson’s thought. Francis Hutcheson (1694–1746) was educated at the University of Glasgow, where he assumed the chair of moral…

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  • The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

    by Francis Hutcheson and James Moor

    This 1742 translation is a collaborative work by Francis Hutcheson and a colleague at Glasgow University, the classicist James Moor. Although Hutcheson was secretive about the extent of his work on the book, he was clearly the leading spirit of the project. This influential classical work offers a vision of a universe governed by a natural law that obliges us…

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  • Natural Rights on the Threshold of the Scottish Enlightenment

    by Gershom Carmichael

    Gershom Carmichael (1672–1729) was the first professor of moral philosophy at the University of Glasgow, preceding Hutcheson, Smith, and Reid. His philosophy focused on the natural rights of individuals—the natural right to defend oneself, to own the property on which one has labored, and to services contracted for with others. Although he appealed to the authority of Grotius and Locke,…

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