Lawrence H. White

White, Lawrence H.

  • Capital and Interest

    by F. A. Hayek

    Produced throughout the first fifteen years of Hayek’s career, the writings collected in Capital and Interest see Hayek elaborate on and extend his landmark lectures that were published as Prices and Production and work toward the technically sophisticated line of thought seen in his later Pure Theory of Capital. Illuminating the development of Hayek’s detailed contributions to capital and interest theory, the collection also sheds…

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  • Democratick Editorials

    by William Leggett

    William Leggett (1801–1839) was the intellectual leader of the laissez-faire wing of Jacksonian democracy. His diverse writings applied the principle of equal rights to liberty and property. These editorials maintain a historical and contemporary relevance. Lawrence H. White is Professor of Economics at the University of Georgia.

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  • The Pure Theory of Capital

    by F. A. Hayek

    First published in 1941, The Pure Theory of Capital has long been overlooked. This volume offers a detailed account of the equilibrium relationships between inputs and outputs in a time-filled economy. Hayek’s stated objective was to make capital theory—which had previously been devoted almost entirely to the explanation of interest rates—“useful for the analysis of the monetary phenomena of the…

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