John Blundell

Blundell, John

  • A Conversation with Leonard Liggio (DVD)

    by Leonard Liggio

    Leonard Liggio was one of the early leaders of the classical liberalism revival movement and was one of the most ardent defenders of the tenets of personal liberty worldwide. He was Executive Vice President of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Distinguished Senior Scholar of the Institute for Humane Studies, and a research professor at George Mason University. He also served…

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  • A Conversation with Lord Peter Thomas Bauer (DVD)

    by Lord Peter Thomas Bauer

    Lord Peter Thomas Bauer has been one of the twentieth century’s leading thinkers on the relationship between free trade and the economics of developing countries. Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1915, he emigrated to the United Kingdom to study at Cambridge in the 1930s. Through more than forty years of prolific writing, he presented a new view of the role…

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  • A Conversation with Sir Alan Walters (DVD)

    by Sir Alan Walters

    As economic advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Sir Alan Walters was an important figure in the transformation of economic policy, and resulting unprecedented boom, that took place in the United Kingdom during the 1980s. Walters also served as an economic advisor to Prime Minister Edward Heath and has served as an advisor to the World Bank. He has…

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  • The Representation of Business in English Literature

    by Arthur Pollard

    In The Representation of Business in English Literature, five scholars of different periods of English literature produce original essays on how business and businesspeople have been portrayed by novelists, starting in the eighteenth century and continuing to the end of the twentieth century. The contributors to Representation help readers understand the partiality of the various writers and, in so doing,…

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