Bruce Frohnen

Frohnen, Bruce

  • The American Nation

    by Bruce Frohnen

    The American Nation: Primary Sources resumes the narrative begun in its companion volume, The American Republic, which covered the first eight decades of U.S. history, ending at the onset of the Civil War. The American Nation continues the story through America’s entrance into World War II. The American Nation makes available, in one volume, many of the most crucial documents…

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  • The American Republic

    by Bruce Frohnen

    Many reference works offer compilations of critical documents covering individual liberty, local autonomy, constitutional order, and other issues that helped to shape the American political tradition. Yet few of these works are available in a form suitable for classroom use, and traditional textbooks give short shrift to these important issues. The American Republic overcomes that knowledge gap by providing, in…

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  • A Conversation with George W. Carey (DVD)

    by George Carey

    One of the most influential contributors to American political thought in the last half-century, George W. Carey speaks here about some of his primary and abiding concerns, including: the foundations of political order, the origins and intent of the American republic, and the ultimate crisis of “derailment” befalling the republic. Author of The Federalist: Design for a Constitutional Republic and…

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