A Conversation with George W. Carey (DVD)

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George W. Carey
Interviewed by Bruce Frohnen


One of the most influential contributors to American political thought in the last half-century, George W. Carey speaks here about some of his primary and abiding concerns, including: the foundations of political order, the origins and intent of the American republic, and the ultimate crisis of “derailment” befalling the republic.

Author of The Federalist: Design for a Constitutional Republic and In Defense of the Constitution and subject of the festschrift Defending the Republic, Carey has taught at Georgetown University since 1961, where he is Professor of Government. He founded the legendary journal Political Science Reviewer in 1971, and served as its editor for thirty-four years.

On the Georgetown campus in Washington, D.C., Carey talks with Bruce Frohnen, who has described him as “one of the preeminent interpreters of the nature and history of the American experiment in ordered liberty and self-government.”


May 2010 |

DVD. © 2010. 76 minutes.


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