Arthur Kemp

Kemp, Arthur

  • Economics and the Public Welfare

    by Benjamin M. Anderson

    In the turbulent years between passage of the Federal Reserve Act (1913) and the Bretton Woods Agreement (1945), the peoples of the Western world suffered two world wars, two major and several minor international financial panics, an epidemic of currency devaluations and debt repudiations, civil wars, and revolutions. No period in history could serve better as a case study for…

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  • Essays on Individuality

    by Felix Morley

    “Individuality is freedom lived,” wrote John Dos Passos in a passage that serves as a fitting introduction to this unusual volume dedicated to the critical examination of the place of the individual in contemporary society. Contributors are John Dos Passos; Arthur A. Ekirch, Jr.; Milton Friedman; Friedrich A. Hayek; Joseph Wood Krutch; William M. McGovern; James C. Malin; Felix Morley;…

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  • Law

    Freedom and the Law

    by Bruno Leoni

    According to Bruno Leoni, the greatest obstacle to rule of law in our time is the problem of overlegislation. In modern democratic societies, legislative bodies increasingly usurp functions that were, and should be, exercised by individuals or groups rather than government. Bruno Leoni (1913–1967) was an attorney and Professor of Legal Theory and the Theory of the State at the…

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