Essays on Individuality

Edited by Felix Morley
Foreword by Arthur Kemp


“Individuality is freedom lived,” wrote John Dos Passos in a passage that serves as a fitting introduction to this unusual volume dedicated to the critical examination of the place of the individual in contemporary society.

Contributors are John Dos Passos; Arthur A. Ekirch, Jr.; Milton Friedman; Friedrich A. Hayek; Joseph Wood Krutch; William M. McGovern; James C. Malin; Felix Morley; Helmut Schoeck; Richard M. Weaver; Roger J. Williams; and Conway Zirkle.


Jul 1977 | 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 | 382 Pages

Foreword, introduction, index.


978-0-913966-28-0 Paperback