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Adam Smith Escape Room

High School teachers who teach Adam Smith are already going beyond the requirements. Use the Adam Smith Escape Room to to take your students beyond the ordinary as well. The activity is modeled on the “Escape Rooms” games where players are put into a specific setting and must find clues and solve puzzles in order to “escape” and win the game. Students will explore big questions from Wealth of Nations and think about what inspires economists to study the world around them.

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Essential Words in—and not in—Adam Smith's Essential Works

Caleb Petitt and Daniel Klein for AdamSmithWorks209 vs 0. That's the tally between the mentions of "sympathy" in Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments vs his Wealth of Nations. Caleb Petitt and Daniel Klein keep count on this and much more. The dramatic difference in the language used by Smith in his two books does not reflect a change in Smith over time...The language shift is all part of a larger, coherent, unified attempt to improve people’s judgments. October 26, 2022

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Smith's Labor Theory Thought Experiment

Eric Schliesser for AdamSmithWorks If you look at the wider context, Smith is (a) either describing/stipulating a particular measure or (b) using a thought experiment to introduce a much more complex claim than the LTV. And (c) Smith has a number of measures of value. This last point (c) suggests that (d) strictly speaking Smith does not have a single theory of value at all in the sense that is at stake when people attribute a LTV to him.October 12, 2022

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Smith to Entrepreneurs: Go Forth with Prudence

Kacey Reeves West for AdamSmithWorksKacey Reeves West examines Smith on entrepreneurs and prudent entrepreneurship from princes to politicians to businesswomen. "Smith cautions that these life-changing opportunities might tempt individuals to abandon virtue and embrace vice. For that reason, Smith calls on individuals to tackle life-changing opportunities with prudence and justice lest they fall prey to disordered ambition."September 28, 2022

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Smithian Spectatorship in Liberal Democracies

Thomas Bunting for AdamSmithWorksAdam Smith demonstrates the primacy of emotion and feeling for creating morality and society. For Smith, we experience these emotions through spectatorship, culminating in the creation of the impartial spectator. September 14, 2022

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