Constitutionalism, common law, and the philosophical principles of law in a free society are just a few of the themes explored in our law titles. The collection is a rich and varied resource for the scholar, legal historian, and anyone interested in the origin and nature of the often-elusive idea of liberty.

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  • Law

    Lectures on the Relation between Law and Public Opinion in England during the Nineteenth Century

    by A. V. Dicey

    This volume brings together a series of lectures A. V. Dicey first gave at Harvard Law School on the influence of public opinion in England during the nineteenth century and its impact on legislation. Dicey’s lectures were accurate as a reflection of the anxieties felt by turn-of-the-century Benthamite Liberals in the face of Socialist and New Liberal challenges. A. V.

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  • The Natural Law

    by Heinrich A. Rommen

    Originally published in German in 1936, The Natural Law is the first work to clarify the differences between traditional natural law as represented in the writings of Cicero, Aquinas, and Hooker and the revolutionary doctrines of natural rights espoused by Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. Heinrich A. Rommen (1897–1967) taught in Germany and England before concluding his distinguished scholarly career at…

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  • Origins of the Common Law

    by Arthur R. Hogue

    This introductory analysis of the origin and early development of the English common law provides an excellent grounding for the beginning student as well as the experienced scholar of legal history. Arthur R. Hogue (1906–1986) was Professor of History at Indiana University.

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  • The Roots of Liberty

    by Ellis Sandoz

    The Roots of Liberty is a critical collection of essays on the origin and nature of the often elusive idea of liberty. The essays address early medieval developments, encompassing such seminal issues as the common-law mind of the sixteenth century under the Tudor monarchs, the struggle for power and authority between the Stuart kings and Parliament in the seventeenth century,…

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  • Law

    The Selected Writings of Sir Edward Coke

    by Sir Edward Coke

    Sir Edward Coke (1552–1634) successfully defended English liberties against the royal prerogative of the Stuart kings and virtually single-handedly established the rule of law for the English-speaking peoples. Coke’s view of English law has had a powerful influence on lawyers, judges, and politicians through the present day. It was Coke’s astonishing task to set down the whole of the law—from…

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  • The Story of Law

    by John M. Zane

    Written for the layman as well as the attorney, The Story of Law is the only complete outline history of the law ever published. “It is,” too, noted journalist William Allen White of the original edition, “the sort of book that any lawyer could take home and give to his children in their teens and twenties as a justification of…

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