What Is the Purpose of Education in a Free Society?


This conference examined the purposes of education in a free society, exploring its past and looking toward the future. Main topics included the changing views of education’s purpose, from ancient philosophers to current thinkers; contrasting views (among classical theorists, Marxists, progressives, and traditionalists) regarding the education of American youth; and profoundly differing views of the relationship between education, individual liberty, and the state.


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An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (vol. 1)

by By Adam Smith
Edited by R. H. Campbell and A. S. Skinner
William B. Todd, Textual Editor

First published in 1776, the year in which the American Revolution officially began, Smith’s Wealth of Nations sparked a revolution of its own. In it Smith analyzes the major elements of political economy, from market pricing and the division of labor to monetary, tax, trade, and other government policies that…

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