The Political Economy of Bertrand de Jouvenel


Bertrand de Jouvenel is well known for his writings in political philosophy (many of them published by Liberty Fund), but less well known for his economic writings. This conference examined his lectures on The Ethics of Redistribution and a number of his essays dealing with issues of political economy and natural resources, plus his letter to Milton Friedman outlining his reservations about changes in the Mont Pelerin Society.


Conference Readings

Jouvenel, Bertrand de. The Ethics of Redistribution. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, Inc., 1990.

Jouvenel, Bertrand de. Economics and the Good Life: Essays on Political Economy. Edited by Dennis Hale and Marc Landy. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers, 1999.

Jouvenel, Bertrand de. “Letter to Milton Friedman.” Membership in Mont Pelerin Society, Anserville, France, July 30, 1960.