The Morality of Markets and Its Political Implications


This conference brought together Chinese scholars, among others, to discuss issues both relevant to and contentious in China, since it is now standing at the crossroads of capitalism and socialism, post-totalitarianism and liberal democracy.


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The Roots of Capitalism

by By John Chamberlain

Capitalism is a system that can stand on its own attainments, says John Chamberlain, and he offers here a fast-paced, provocative look at the intellectual forces and practical accomplishments that have created American capitalism.

In clear, unequivocal language he discusses the ideas responsible for our economic institutions, the originators of…

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The Anti-capitalistic Mentality

by By Ludwig von Mises
Edited by Bettina Bien Greaves

In The Anti-capitalistic Mentality, the respected economist Ludwig von Mises plainly explains the causes of the irrational fear and hatred many intellectuals and others feel for capitalism. In five concise chapters, he traces the causation of the misunderstandings and resultant fears that cause resistance to economic development and social change.…

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