Success and Failure in American History


The pursuit of material prosperity is at the heart of the American experience, and from the colonial period onward, people have embraced what is now known as the American dream. This colloquium examined the linkage between success and failure in the context of general questions about liberty and responsibility. What types of values facilitate personal economic success? In what ways does the pursuit of economic success enhance individual liberty? How did notions of economic success and failure change in nineteenth-century America? Did the changes of the nineteenth century enhance, diminish, distort, or fulfill older, republican notions from the founding era?


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Planning for Freedom

by By Ludwig von Mises
Edited by Bettina Bien Greaves

In this anthology, Mises offers an articulate and accessible introduction to and critique of two topics he considers especially important: inflation and government interventionism. Mises believes inflation, that is monetary expansion, is destructive; it destroys savings and investment, which are the basis for production and prosperity. Government controls and economic…

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