Safeguarding British Liberty: The British Debate over Colonial Resistance (1764–1776)


This conference examined a long-neglected trove of pamphlet literature from late-seventeenth-century Britain on the role of English liberties and federalism in the Empire. Far from revealing a united opposition to colonial arguments for local self-governance, Englishmen were quite capable and willing to consider liberty in the context of greater decentralization.


Conference Readings

Cato [pseud.]. Thoughts on a Question of Importance, Proposed to the Public. Whether it is Probable that the Immense Extent of Territory acquired by the nation at the late Peace, will Operate towards Prosperity, or the Ruin of the Island of Great-Britain?. London: {A Gale Publishing reprint}, 1765.

The Political Balance. In which the Principles and Conduct of the Two Parties are Weighed. London: {Collin Bonwick Microfiche Collection}, 1765.

A Short and Friendly Caution to the Good People of England. London: {Collin Bonwick Microfiche Collection}, 1766.

Colonising, Or a Plain Investigation Of that Subject: With a Legislative, Political, and Commercial View Of Our Colonies. London: {A Gale Publishing reprint}, 1773.

Anonymous. The Constitutional Right of the Legislature of Great Britain to Tax the British Colonies in America, Impartially Stated. London: J. Ridley, 1768.

The General Opposition of the Colonies to the Payment of the Stamp Duty; and the Consequences of Enforcing Obedience by Military Measures; Impartially Considered. London: {A Gale Publishing reprint}, 1766.

The Late Occurrences in North America, and Policy of Great Britain Considered. London: {A Gale Publishing reprint}, 1766.

A Friend to Both Countries, America Vindicated from the High Charge of Ingratitude and Rebellion. Devizes: {A Gale Publishing reprint}, 1774.

Janus [pseud.]. The Critical Moment, on which the Salvation or Destruction of the British Empire Depends, Containing the Rise, Progress, Present State, and Natural Consequences of Our American Disputes. London: {A Gale Publishing reprint}, 1776.