Political Theory

Radicalism and Conservatism in the Thought of Herbert Spencer


This conference explored the arc of Spencer's thinking, beginning with an in-depth look at Social Statics, and concluded with Spencer's later writings from The Principles of Sociology, and from the Liberty Fund editions of The Principles of Ethics and The Man Versus the State.


Conference Readings

Spencer, Herbert. The Man Versus the State. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1982.

Spencer, Herbert. Social Statics: or, The Conditions essential to Happiness specified, and the First of them Developed. London: John Chapman, 1851.

Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Ethics, Volume II. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1978.

Spencer, Herbert. Principles of Sociology. New York: Appleton and Co, 1916.

Spencer, Herbert. The Life and Letters of Herbert Spencer. Edited by David Duncan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014.