Political Economy and Freedom in Ludwig von Mises’s ‘Lost Papers’


The seminar considered Mises's views and policy recommendations in the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, its fall, the consequences of war, the Great Depression, and the world after the fall of Nazism.


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The Political Economy of International Reform and Reconstruction

by By Ludwig von Mises
Edited by Richard Ebeling

After he fled Austria, Ludwig von Mises arrived in the United States and continued to write essays on economics. Among those included in this volume are:

Guiding Principles for the Reconstruction of Austria (1940)

An Eastern Democratic Union: A Proposal for the Establishment of a Durable Peace in Eastern Europe…

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Monetary and Economic Policy Problems Before, During, and After the Great War

by By Ludwig von Mises
Edited by Richard Ebeling

The present volume is devoted to some of Mises’s earliest writings. As with the second volume in the series, the articles that compose this book include Mises’s policy memoranda, essays, and speeches that were found in a formerly secret KGB archive in Moscow. The articles have two primary focuses: First,…

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Additional Readings

Mises, Ludwig von. Selected Writings of Ludwig von Mises, Volume 2 – Between the Two World Wars: Monetary Disorder, Interventionism, Socialism, and the Great Depression. Edited by Richard M. Ebeling. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, Inc., 2002.