Theology & Philosophy

Morals, Liberty, and the Rule of Law: Francisco Suárez


The conference explored the political, legal, and moral thought of Francisco Suárez, examining his ideas about freedom for all the domains of human life and the connection of natural law to civil law, property rights, and the laws of war.


Conference Readings

Suárez, Francisco. Selections from Three Works. Edited by Thomas Pink. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, Inc., 2013.

Suárez, Francisco. On Efficient Causality: Metaphysical Disputations 17, 18, and 19 [Disputationes Metaphysicae]. Translated by Alfred J. Freddoso. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1994.

Suárez, Francisco. “De anima Disp. 12, Q.2 [Whether the will is free in its acts] .” Translation to English by Sydney Penner (following Castellote edition). Downloaded from (Accessed August 25, 2016).