Measuring Man in Goethe’s “Faust II”


This conference focused on the measuring of man, his limits, and his capabilities in Goethe's Faust II. Readings included selected poems by Goethe, paired with acts from his play—a combination that helped us map the heart and perimeter of Faust II, its questions about man's liberty and responsibility, and Goethe's vision of a man who aspired to reach the clouds without losing touch with the Earth.


Conference Readings

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. A collection of poems compiled for the Liberty Fund conference "Measuring Man in Goethe’s Faust II." (German and English translations)

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. Goethe's Faust. Translated by Walter Kaufmann. New York: Anchor Books, 1962.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. Faust, Part Two. Translated by David Luke. New York: Oxford University Press, 1994, 2008.