Theology & Philosophy

Liberty, Responsibility, and the Foundations of Libertarianism


This colloquium explored the meanings and foundations of libertarianism. Focused on doctrines that are commonly thought to be necessary and sufficient for constituting libertarianism, it investigated how those doctrines relate to each other and to liberty.


From Liberty Fund

Fugitive Essays

by By Frank Chodorov
Edited and with an Introduction by Charles H. Hamilton

Frank Chodorov profoundly influenced the intellectual development of the post-World War II libertarian/conservative movement. These essays have been assembled for the first time from Chodorov’s writings in magazines, newspapers, books, and pamphlets. They sparkle with his individualistic perspective on politics, human rights, socialism, capitalism, education, and foreign affairs.

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Political Philosophy, Clearly

by By Anthony de Jasay
Edited and with an Introduction by Hartmut Kliemt

Anthony de Jasay, one of the most independent thinkers and influential libertarian political philosophers of our time, challenges the reigning paradigms justifying modern democratic government. The articles collected in Political Philosophy, Clearly delve deeply into the realm of political thought and philosophical criticism. A reader who is interested in a…

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