Theology & Philosophy

Liberty, Luther, and the Reformation


The conference explored how Protestant ideas developed and influenced thinking about liberty and responsibility in Germany and Europe, especially as those ideas came to be applied to legal and political developments from the time of Luther's 95 Theses forward.


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Institutes of Divine Jurisprudence, with Selections from Foundations of the Law of Nature and Nations

by By Christian Thomasius
Edited, Translated, and with an Introduction by Thomas Ahnert

Christian Thomasius’s natural jurisprudence is essential to understanding the origins of the Enlightenment in Germany, where his importance was comparable to that of John Locke’s in England.

First published in 1688, Thomasius’s Institutiones jurisprudentiae divinae (Institutes of Divine Jurisprudence) attempted to draw a clear distinction between natural and revealed law…

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