Political Theory

Liberal Thought in Argentina, 1837-1940


This conference was based on Liberty Fund's edition Liberal Thought in Argentina, 1837-1940, the first compilation of primary sources that documented the history and tradition of liberal thought in Argentina throughout the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. The readings selected for this conference reflected the stages of the rise, heyday, and decline of liberalism in Argentina.


From Liberty Fund

Liberal Thought in Argentina, 1837–1940

by Edited and with an Introduction by Natalio R. Botana and Ezequiel Gallo
Translated by Ian Barnett

Liberal ideas were very important in Argentina from the time of independence. The Argentine constitution (1853–60), in force for a long time, was based on liberal principles taken from both the North American and the European tradition.

The general structure of the collection is chronological, taking the reader through an…

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