John Millar on Liberty and Equality


Though John Millar was perhaps the thinker who best synthesized and developed Hume's and Smith's insights about liberty and society, he has been read far less. In this conference, conferees read all six chapters of the Liberty Fund edition of Millar's The Origin of the Distinction of Ranks, plus some brief passages from Hume and Smith.


Conference Readings

Hume, David. Essays: Moral, Political and Literary. Edited by Eugene F. Miller. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1985, 1987.

Millar, John. The Origin of the Distinction of Ranks: Or, An Inquiry into the Circumstances Which Give Rise to Influence and Authority, in the Different Members of Society. Edited by Aaron Garrett. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, Inc., 2006.

Smith, Adam. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1981.