Financial Regulation, Economic Freedom, and Liberty


Because of the European financial crises, a new wave of regulations were proposed to solve the problem. This conference looked at general financial regulation, and in various forms, assessed the efficacy of such regulation and its implications for liberty.


From Liberty Fund

The Theory of Money and Credit

by By Ludwig von Mises
Introduction by Lionel Robbins
Foreword by Murray N. Rothbard

The Theory of Money and Credit integrated monetary theory into the main body of economic analysis for the first time, providing fresh, new insights into the nature of money and its role in the economy and bringing Mises into the front rank of European economists.

The Theory of Money and…

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The Rationale of Central Banking

by By Vera C. Smith
Foreword by Leland B. Yeager

The Rationale of Central Banking was first published in England in 1936. Vera Smith spent her professional career in a variety of research positions. She wrote articles and books on money, banking, economic development, and the labor market and translated into English books by Wilhelm Röpke, Oskar Morgenstern, and Fritz…

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