Political Theory

Entrepreneurship, Prosperity, and Liberty in the Arab World


Participants examined how encouraging private initiatives and entrepreneurship can help address a number of economic and social problems faced by countries in the Middle East and North Africa much more efficiently than government interventionism can.


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Socialism and War

by By F. A. Hayek
Edited by Bruce Caldwell

In the essays in this volume Hayek contributed to economic knowledge in the context of socialism and war, while providing an intellectual defense of a free society. The connection between the two topics is illuminated through essays containing some of Hayek’s contributions to the socialist-calculation debate, writings pertaining to war,…

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Competition and Entrepreneurship

by By Israel M. Kirzner
Edited and with an Introduction by Peter J. Boettke and Frédéric Sautet

Competition and Entrepreneurship defines Israel M. Kirzner’s unique contribution to the economics profession. Pointing out the shortcomings of the traditional microeconomic model, Kirzner offers an alternative and complementary view, which illuminates and enriches the way economists think of the market process. Kirzner develops a theory of the market process that…

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