The Legacy of Friedrich von Hayek (DVD)

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F. A. Hayek


In celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of Friedrich von Hayek’s birth, Liberty Fund and the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago present The Legacy of Friedrich von Hayek, a DVD series of seven lectures from outstanding scholars of Hayek’s work. The host and moderator for the lectures is the Chairman of the Committee on Social Thought, Professor Robert Pippin.

This 7-volume DVD set includes the following:

  1. Austrian and Neoclassical Economics
  2. Hayekian Socialism
  3. Hayek, Practitioner of Social Justice
  4. Hayek, Radical Reactionary
  5. Hayek’s Legacy
  6. Hayek and the Fate of Liberty in the Twentieth Century
  7. Morality and Community in the Extended Market Order


Aug 2005 |

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