Growth of the American Revolution: 1766–1775

By Bernhard Knollenberg
Edited by Bernard W. Sheehan


In the fall of 2002, Liberty Fund published noted historian Bernhard Knollenberg’s Origin of the American Revolution. Now Liberty Fund proudly announces the publication of the second volume of Knollenberg’s masterwork on the American Revolution.

Knollenberg describes Growth of the American Revolution as “. . . an Account of the Change in the Minds and Hearts of a Majority of the People of the Thirteen Colonies Who Rebelled against Great Britain in 1775, together with a description of the Provocative Conduct of the British Parliament and Government Accounting for this Change and the Colonists’ Responses to the said Conduct.”

Continuing the work Knollenberg began in the first book, Growth of the American Revolution covers the period from the repeal of the Stamp Act in 1766 to the outbreak of hostilities at Lexington and Concord in 1775. Taken together, these volumes present a cogent and authoritative history from an objective and scholarly point of view.

Bernhard Knollenberg practiced law for twenty-two years in New York City before leaving to direct the Yale University Library in 1938. He was the senior deputy administrator of the United States Lend-Lease Administration in Washington, D.C., and later a Division Deputy in the O.S.S., during World War II. Thereafter, he dedicated his time to historical research and writing about the American Revolution. He is also the author of Washington and the Revolution; Pioneering Sketches of the Upper Whitewater Valley: Quaker Stronghold of the West; and Franklin, Jonathan Williams, and William Pitt. Bernhard Knollenberg died in 1973.

Bernard W. Sheehan is Professor emeritus of history at Indiana University and past editor of the Indiana Magazine of History.


Sep 2003 | 6 x 9 | 675 Pages

Foreword, chronology, introduction, appendixes, bibliography, index.


978-0-86597-416-6 Paperback