Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations (DVD)

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In 1776, Adam Smith, the great Scottish economist and moral philosopher, published his classic work, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. This DVD is an introduction to modern economics and the importance of free markets. The DVD is narrated by Dr. Benjamin A. Rogge of Wabash College and was prepared with the advice of Professors Ronald H. Coase of the University of Chicago and E. G. West of Carleton University.

Examining the events and influences that made Adam Smith the father of economics, this DVD traces Smith’s life from his childhood in Scotland through his university days in Oxford and on to his academic career.

The DVD delineates the original brilliance of Adam Smith’s ideas that culminated in his masterwork, The Wealth of Nations. Students come to understand the central concepts that Smith presented in The Wealth of Nations, and they see how those concepts made our modern world possible.


Jan 1975 |

DVD. © 1975. 28 minutes.


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