William C. Dennis

Dennis, William C.

  • A Conversation with M. Stanton Evans

    by M. Stanton Evans

    M. Stanton Evans is the former editor of The Indianapolis News and founding director of the National Journalism Center in Washington, D.C. The Journalism Center is dedicated to teaching young journalists not only the technical skills of their trade but also a deep understanding of the issues they will be covering. More than 1,300 young journalists have trained at the…

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  • A Conversation with Richard Cornuelle (DVD)

    by Richard Cornuelle

    Richard Cornuelle has greatly impacted how we think about voluntary institutions in the United States. Through such works as Reclaiming the American Dream and De-Managing America, and through his work with the Foundation for Economic Education and the Volker Fund, he has called important attention to the needs and possibilities of those organizations that exist to address social problems through…

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  • A Conversation with Richard Ware (DVD)

    by Richard Ware

    A self-described “broker of ideas,” Richard Ware has been deeply influential in his role as a discoverer and supporter of intellectuals interested in the foundations of a free society. During World War II, Ware served with the lend/lease administration in the Pentagon. Following the war, he began work with the Earhart Foundation, becoming President and Trustee of the Foundation in…

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  • In Defense of Freedom and Related Essays

    by Frank S. Meyer

    When it first appeared in 1962, In Defense of Freedom was hailed by Richard M. Weaver as “a brilliant defense of the primacy of the person” and an effective “indictment of statism and bureaucratism.” Meyer examines the tension between the freedom of the person and the power of social institutions. In his view, both the dominant Liberalism and the “New…

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