Percy L. Greaves, Jr.

Greaves, Jr., Percy L.

  • Human Action

    by Ludwig von Mises

    In Human Action, Mises starts from the ideas set forth in his Theory and History that all actions and decisions are based on human needs, wants, and desires and continues deeper and further to explain how studying this human action is not only a legitimate science (praxeology) but how that science is based on the foundation of free-market economics. Mises…

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  • On the Manipulation of Money and Credit

    by Ludwig von Mises

    The three treatises in On the Manipulation of Money and Credit were written in German between 1923 and 1931. Together they include some of Mises’s most important contributions to monetary and trade-cycle theories and constitute a precursor to Mises’s major work, Human Action. Ludwig von Mises (1881–1973) was the leading spokesman of the Austrian School of economics throughout most of…

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