Leland B. Yeager

Yeager, Leland B.

  • The Fluttering Veil

    by Leland B. Yeager

    Money’s unique and essential role in a free market and monetary disequilibrium as the root cause of the business cycle are principles central to the work of economist Leland Yeager. For three decades he has extolled the preeminent importance of money as a source of economic fluctuations whose influence goes well beyond mere changes in interest rates or the price…

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  • The Rationale of Central Banking

    by Vera C. Smith

    The Rationale of Central Banking was first published in England in 1936. Vera Smith spent her professional career in a variety of research positions. She wrote articles and books on money, banking, economic development, and the labor market and translated into English books by Wilhelm Röpke, Oskar Morgenstern, and Fritz Machlup. This book provides a scholarly review and judicious assessments…

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