Ian Hunter

Hunter, Ian

  • Essays on Church, State, and Politics

    by Christian Thomasius

    The works found in Essays on Church, State, and Politics, which originated as disputations, theses, and pamphlets, were direct interventions in the unresolved issue of the political role of religion in Brandenburg-Prussia, a state in which a Calvinist dynasty ruled over a largely Lutheran population and nobility as well as a significant Catholic minority. Christian Thomasius (1655–1728) was a German…

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  • The Whole Duty of Man, According to the Law of Nature

    by Samuel Pufendorf

    Samuel Pufendorf’s The Whole Duty of Man, According to the Law of Nature suggested a purely conventional basis for natural law. Rejecting scholasticism’s metaphysical theories, Pufendorf found the source of natural law in humanity’s need to cultivate sociability. Samuel Pufendorf (1632–1694) taught natural law and was court historian in both Germany and Sweden. Ian Hunter is Australian Professorial Fellow in…

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