Benjamin A. Rogge

Rogge, Benjamin A.

  • Can Capitalism Survive?

    by Benjamin A. Rogge

    Benjamin A. Rogge—late Distinguished Professor of Political Economy at Wabash College—was a representative of that most unusual species: economists who speak and write in clear English. He forsakes professional jargon for clarity and logic—and can even be downright funny. The nineteen essays in this volume explore the philosophy of freedom, the nature of economics, the business system, labor markets, money…

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  • A Maverick’s Defense of Freedom

    by Benjamin A. Rogge

    This new collection of fifty-three essays, many of which have never before been published, gathers some of Benjamin Rogge’s most interesting talks and writings spanning a vast array of topics including the case for individual liberty and responsibility in maintaining the free-market economy, the nature of economics, the business system, labor markets, money and inflation, and education. Benjamin A. Rogge

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  • The Wisdom of Adam Smith

    by Adam smith

    Adam Smith was an eloquent man of considerable philosophical and historical learning. His most incisive and enduring observations are collected here on subjects ranging from political and economic history to morals, art, education, war, and the American colonies. Throughout, notes an admirer in the introduction, “his writing is blessedly free of that use of jargon (and mathematics) that characterizes most…

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