The Life and Writings Bundle

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The thoughts and lives of men who made history.

Reading the great works of great thinkers in conjunction with the stories of their lives helps to build a fuller picture of the origins of their work, to emphasize the connections and disjunctions between their works and their lives, and to round out our mental images of the writer behind the work.
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These classic texts from Smith, Hume, and Washington offer us a new lens into philosophical life. Though contemporaries, these three greats are rarely examined together. These six distinctive volumes provide a humanistic glimpse of three unique lives and perspectives, all engaging with important questions about humans as moral, political, and economic beings. Readers who are interested in the Scottish Enlightenment, the American and French Revolutions, and other aspects of 18th-century history that are relevant to today will enjoy digging deeper through this curated bundle.

Books included in the bundle:
David Hume: Prophet of the Counter-revolution By Laurence L. Bongie
Foreword by Donald Livingston
Essays: Moral, Political, and Literary By David Hume
Edited by Eugene F. Miller
Revised Edition
George Washington By George Washington
Compiled and Edited by W. B. Allen
The Life of George Washington By John Marshall, Third Chief Justice of the United States
Edited by Robert Faulkner and Paul Carrese
Adam Smith By E. G. West
The Wisdom of Adam Smith Selected by John Haggarty
Edited and with an Introduction by Benjamin A. Rogge